It's May in the high desert and Carl Heinz is excited. It is harvest time. The air is still clear, the winds have been merciful. The fires have come dangerously close, the earthquakes have shaken the hills, but the prime acres have been spared. In a month, summer will begin its cruel burn. Carl dons his sombrero and his work shoes. He calls the new apprentice. The time to act is now.

The web of an unlikely ally.

The spider scares away the poachers and art wannabes, and Carl is able to harvest in private.

"My methods come from the old ways. Though the area is fertile, we must choose wisely. I began to explain the hat trick, but the apprentice mocked my ways. She will learn. As I learned. Splinters, bites and dirty nails."

"Junk" is a four-letter word. "Treasure" has... about eight.


Here the soil is dead. Perfect.

All that glisters is not good.

This one, Carl?

No, little one. Whatever you choose must fit inside the hat. There. The secret has been revealed.

This season's harvest is very rich. One man's big nut is another man's dining room table. Perhaps.

Carl is a happy man. After several hours in the sun, he is tan and knows he will please his customers with his new creations.

The apprentice has learned many lessons. Some will stick.
For now, she must transport the harvest.

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